Service promise

For in excess of ten years Simply Chefs has been providing a professional, caring and ethical approach to its business of supplying chefs. To summarise our approach to our business we will undertake the following

  • We will provide all our clients with a personal 1:1 service with a specific consultant dedicated to your account.

  • We will only submit candidates after we have their specific permission to do so.

  • We will ensure the candidates we submit have been fully briefed about the job

  • We will only submit candidates that meet your requirements and that have been interviewed and referenced.

  • We will ensure you are aware as to what the best route is to fill your vacancy and provide you with up to date information about pay scales and packages related to current market conditions.

  • We will only reference a candidate from their current employer with that candidates expressed permission and will inform you to take up other references where necessary.

  • We will confirm all fee arrangements and timescale prior to undertaking an assignment and also confirm fee payable on successful acceptance of an offer.

  • We will keep you accurately and honestly informed throughout the process

  • We are keen to establish a long term relationship with our clients and candidates and our confidentiality and discretion is assured at all times.

  • We are keen to provide a balanced interface between client and candidate at all times.

  • We will not induce a Candidate to leave a Client company under any circumstance if a fee has previously been received for that Candidate

  • Any advertising placed by Simply Chefs on behalf of a client will adhere to standards set down by the Advertising Standards Authority.

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